Friday, February 4, 2011

Vandalism Update

Good news! A local company called Glass Magnum saw the graffiti all over our windows and stopped by the store to tell us about their services. They do glass repair and can actually get rid of acid etched vandalism without replacing the windows and save us a lot of money.

They came by yesterday and did one of our windows and it was truly magic! They worked on the glass very carefully until the acid was gone and even some really old graffiti scratches. They also offer window guard installation on the glass to protect it from any future vandalism.
They did an excellent job, they're really friendly and there is hardly any waste involved in their services.
Replacing old windows can be a very difficult job and makes for a cold, loud and unpleasant shopping experience for our customers as well. So, we highly recommend Glass Magnum for any glass repairs.

Here are the before and after pics:

Before. This is our main entrance window, acid was right in the middle and
there were also some old graffiti scratches in the glass.

After! No traces of the acid or scratches! I warned them that they
would be dreaming of red socks that night after working on the Valentines window.

-Annie, Yarn Garden Staff


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that's great news! now, i hope the law catches up w/ the vandals

KusalaKnits said...

Hurrah! It looks great! :)

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rhubs said...

so glad looks great and I will remember them or ask you if I evver need glass services!