Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coquille Shawls

Our staff member Kim just finished two Coquille Shawls by Mary Lou Egan featured in Fall Knitty 2010.
One for her, one for her mom.
She used Mini Mochi for her mom's (the blue one) and Kureyon Sock for hers.
She made the smaller version. Any sock weight yarn with long striping can be used.
We love them, good job Kim.
This shawl is contagious, next time you come in the shop everyone will be knitting one.

Kim's shawl


Close up of colorway

Her Mom's shawl

Knitting for Mom has never been so fun.


Crystal Palace Mini Mochi

- Annie, Yarn Garden Staff


Crystal Palace Yarns said...


These are GORGEOUS! I like your color choices better than the original on Knitty in fern color Mini Mochi!

I'm going to link to your blog from our new Facebook page for CPY.


Yarn Garden said...

Thank you CPY! Kim has an eye for color. I'll have to send you more pics when the rest of the staff finishes theirs. Can't wait to use the new fall Mini Mochi colors we ordered...should be coming soon!

Ann at KFI said...

The Noro Kureyon Sock one looks great, too. Now I feel like a slacker because I haven't finished my own yet.