Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Garden Love

I was happy to find that ball hank n' skein had written a lovely review about us on her blog.

"I ended up going to the most amazing yarn shop ever - the Yarn Garden in Hawthorne!!! Huge selection of tons and tons of great yarns at all different price ranges and really nice sales people. People from Portland are probably tsk tsking me right now for not having gone sooner, I have heard that it is great, but seriously I didn't know that it would be that great. Worth crossing the river for this place."

Thanks for the nice words!

Here's a pic of her project, the beginnings of a meditation floor cushion requested from one of her Etsy customers crocheted using the soft and squishy Cascade 128 wool. Love the colors.
Can't wait to see the finished pillow!

-Annie, Yarn Garden Staff

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