Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The colors of Kauni

New colors of Kauni Effektgarn arrived today! Each one is so beautiful and looks so different from ball to ball. To capture how much the colors can change inside the ball, I took a photo of two balls of the same color next to each other.

Color EN; white, beige and tan.

EB; grey, brown, black and rust

EE; hot pink and white.

EY; magenta and purple

EH; tan, brown and light blue. I love this one!

EZ; shades of turquoise and teal green

Here you can see how the yarn slowly fades into another color when knit.

We also got in a few more of their wonderful patterns:

Farwell Jacket is a Portland staple. This is knit sideways, making the width of the body easily adjustable.

Prospect Cardigan looks like a fun pattern. Knit in pieces and seamed, so the color fades turn out mismatched and very cute!

Humboldt Scarf is knit using two different colors.

Newton Scarf is a free pattern that can be downloaded here. It's a simple lengthwise knit scarf with dropped stitches that uses one ball of the Kauni Effektgarn. A simple way to show off a beautiful yarn.

-Annie, Yarn Garden Staff

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