Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Idea: Marie Mayhew's Woolly Patterns

 New from Marie Mayhew's imagination are some wonderful felting patterns.  The Woolly Bird Holiday Ornaments are one of my favorites.  I've already cast on a couple to be gifted!  
This pattern gives instructions for four birds: an owlet, a tufted-ear owl, a cardinal, and a penguin chick. When felted, the ornaments measure a little over 2-inches round.

Endless color possibilities with the Woolly Matroyshka Doll pattern.  Personalize them for a friend for the holiday!

The Beehive Skeps are so sweet.  
Marie's take on the old baskets made of grass or straw to house a colony of bees.
Knit and felt a whimsical 3-1/2 or 5-inch beehive as a tribute to the hardest worker out there - the honey bee!
 The Woolly Kitty Kat felts to about 8 inches tall.
Something for the cat lover.

 The Woolly Gnome & Mushroom has 3 adaptations now!  Woolly Santa, pictured above, a wee leprechaun and Matilda the witch.  Once you have the Woolly Gnome  & Mushroom pattern you can download Marie's other adaptions on her website.

Last winter we had so much fun knitting the Woolly Penguin Chicks and Snowmen, you can read about it here
Come in and check out her other patterns!

-Annie, Yarn Garden

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