Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gift Idea - Ball Winder & Swift

To our amazement, we received ball winders and swifts, just in time for the holidays!
A Christmas miracle!
These are on so many wish lists this year so we ordered a ton of both. No more tangled skeins of yarn or hand winding balls with the yarn wrapped around your feet.

The swift is a light weight, collapsing metal umbrella that attaches to any table or bookshelf, vertically or horizontally and winds from a handle on the top. It's very easy to use and when closed, fits in the smallest spaces.

The ball winder is made of plastic and adjusts to fit onto any table, bookshelf or even a chair. One end of the yarn is placed through the metal loop hole for tension and then fit into a slit on top of the winder. This winds yarn into a great ball that is flat on the bottom with the end pulling from the middle of the ball so it doesn't roll around.

One of each, please!

-Annie, Yarn Garden Staff

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