Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Ideas- Magic Cowl

Magic Cowl

I mentioned this cowl a while back, and I think it would make a fabulous gift!
It's really easy to knit and looks so one-of-a-kind, people will stop you on the street! As you knit this, the yarn changes from ribbon to sparkly mohair to boucle to big nubs and in some skeins, beads! The hand dyed colors blend together beautifully and change along with the texture. We used 1 skein of Be Sweet's Magic Ball and a pair of 24" circular US 10.5 and 11 needles. This is a free Yarn Garden pattern with the purchase of the yarn.

The cowl looks gorgeous worn long like a necklace or wrapped around your neck twice to keep you warm and stylish.

New colors have arrived! Dark shades of reds, browns and more.

-Annie, Yarn Garden Staff


Michelle J said...

How cool! I will definitely have to pick up some of this yarn next time I'm in Portland. :)

Jodi said...

I'm wondering how much this yarn is?

Yarn Garden said...

Michelle, glad you like it! It was fun to make.

Jodi, a skein of Magic ball is $32.00.
It's hand dyed and hand tied! And the company Be Sweet donates part of their profits to educational programs in South Africa, how cool!
More info on the great work they do here: